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Why Should You Purchase DreamYard Fire Pits and Grills?

There are several things that are great about an outdoor fire pit and grill...

A Barbecue Pit and Outdoor Fire Pit

One great thing about grilling with a fire pit is that it can double as an outdoor fire pit and a fire pit grill. What other grill in the world can function in this way?

Firewood Grilling

There is nothing like the flavor of a fat juicy steak grilled over real firewood embers. The aromas that are infused in the food are incredible. You can vary them by finding different firewood types which have different characteristics.

Large Sizes

Maybe you just like to cook for a big group of friends before you watch the big game! Fire pit grilling is for you because most outdoor fire pits are larger than most standard grills. Imagine all of the steaks you can grill...

Fire Pit Grills and Rings

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Fire Pit

This high quality fire pit is available in 24″, 30″ and a beautiful King size.


Zinc Coated Stake Grill

This high quality zinc coated fire pit stake grill is available in 12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″.


Fire Ring

This high quality fire ring is available in 24″ and 30″.

DreamYard Fire Pits Are Manufactured By Orchard Drive Fabrications Out Of Shipshewana, Indiana.